If you are:

1. Diabetic

2. Having trouble maintaining

a healthy cholesterol level

3. Can’t seem to keep weight off

4. You can’t seem to lose weight

5. Fatigue is a big problem 

6. Find yourself sleepy during the day

7. You are stressed

8. Seem to never have energy

9. You have given up on your weight

10. Are you thinking of surgery to win your weight battle?

If you have said yes to even one of these Questions!

You need our help.




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It is time for NEW education in the field of

 Diet Wellness!

Our Education does just that!

Genetic Key Lifestyle System, Inc     

Educating in diet wellness

We have certified people in the field of diet wellness in over 7 countries.  Please read on to learn about this amazing new breakthrough in diet wellness education, which is helping people all over the world to understand their unique bio chemistry and helping them achieve diet wellness for life.

Over the past 25 years obesity has become a pandemic problem causing ill health and social stress with the added side effect of shorter life spans. 


We found a great need to do more than promise Quick weight loss or offer false promise of getting six pack abs by simply taking a pill and eating or drinking a product that promises the impossible.


You will find that the weight comes back on with a vengeance, if you can even lose the weight, you desire to lose.


Plus; you may have gotten some unwanted health issues to battle as an added bonus.  You just want to give up, or worse you do something even more drastic like surgery or dangerously cutting your caloric intake endangering your health. 


These are real problems that far exceed the excess fat on your body.

The question you may be asking yourself now is: 


Why wasn’t the low fat or calorie counting diet working for me? 

What do I do now?

Each of us is biochemically and genetically unique.  Why did the Low fat diet work for others but you gained weight even though you were very careful not to take in fat?  You may have even cut out all red meats and still gained weight….

Why does your cholesterol continues to stay high even when you have cut out all the fat and took medication?  Your cholesterol goes up and you feel you can’t get control?  You use to get your weight in control now no matter what you can’t lose weight.  Why?

 The answer; is that we metabolize differently!  Dr. Stephen Nugent, has discovered we have five different metabolic types; you need to discover which one you are!  Yes you may be eating totally wrong for your genetic type.

Through our certification course we teach how to discover what Genetic Key type you are. How?


Genetic Key Certified Coaches are certified in diet wellness which is recognized by the “International Association of Complementary Medicine” and certified by the Genetic Key Certification Association.  GKCCs are specializing in finding your GK type and to support you with coaching; they will work with you on an individual basis taking in consideration your unique biochemistry, also they have made a commitment to helping you achieve diet wellness.  

You need answers and your GKCC has them along with professional support.

Don’t do it alone… find a coach near you today.



GKLS has recently added another professional designation to the GK program, this education will enable your GKCC to understand your metabolic DNA profile and if it could be working against you.  You will recognize if your GKCC has gone through this training by their designation of (Consultant) or DNAC. 

Your GKCC, DNAC - Will take a DNA sample (submitted anonymously to the genetic lab). This will give them the map of your unique gene markers that may hold you back from achieving your goals.  Metabolic resistant, the obesity factor, cardio health, muscle response to exercise, bone health and diabetes.


Click on the “Find a coach” tab to find a GKCC, DNAC near you.

If you would like more information on this new career opportunity

Click on “certification”.




What happens when I contact a GKCC, DNAC?

 GKCC, DNAC works with you to find answers to your metabolic issues.


After you have found the GKCC that you would like to work with they will look at your goals and how and why you are not achieving them.

This is achieved by:

1. A written analysis designed by Dr. Stephen D. Nugent who wrote a book called: The Genetic Key Diet”. (Click on the certification tab for more information on Dr. Nugent).  While working in his practice Dr. Nugent found through Phenotype blood analysis that there were actually over 5 different metabolic types.


2. DNA testing to find your base map of genes to see how you metabolize food and what other markers are holding you back to have a well balanced metabolic system.    Yes, your gene markers can be turned off & on but you need to know how.  A GKCC, DNAC can work with you and design a program that will turn on the desired gene markers and turn off the markers that can cause you unwanted metabolic resistance and un-wellness. 


3. A GKCC will design a program with this information using nutrition; supplementation and putting you on the correct eating program your body best responds too.  With this gathered information your GKCC, can guide you and support you to achieve your lean,   healthy balanced body.    How much will this cost? 

Each GKCC, DNAC is set up in their own business.  Each work a bit differently.  We have GKCCs that work with a doctor, some are working with a health care team or fitness centers.  Most of our GKCCs work in their own offices; this allows them to work with doctor’s referrals and client referrals.  They network within all health related fields,   educating in diet wellness. 

All GKCC, DNACs  set their own fees and they will have to design a program that is uniquely yours based on their analysis, which will vary depending on what you both feel works for your health and goals.  It is best to ask this question of your GKCC, DNAC so they can work with your budget and help you to achieve your wellness goals.

Does insurance cover any of this?

Not at this time, but check with your health insurance provider.  DNA is not covered by insurance, but this is not an expensive test.  We do have a medical receipt for those that qualify for medical deductions on your taxes.  Ask your GKCC, DNAC for more details.  


Genetic Key Lifestyle System has now introduced a compressive DNA analysis to find the unique Genes map you were born with.  We can discover how your unique metabolic system has been set up on the DNA level.  Do you have the gene marker for diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular issues and more?


Knowledge is very valuable when your coach takes a sample of your DNA they will send it to a lab that will keep your information completely anonymous (you are only assigned a number, no names). 

Your GKCC, DNAC will then design your wellness program especially for you. 

Knowledge obtained from your DNA will tell the GKCC, DNAC which gene markers need to be turned off through a properly designed wellness program.  Even if your markers indicate that you have the obesity gene you do not need to have it switched on.  Our professionals know how to guard against this and other gene markers that maybe working against you in your quest to maintain good diet wellness.  No guessing, real science! 

Your GKCC is one of your most valuable assets helping you to understand and supporting you through the confusing maze of information and miss information about diets and wellness today.  

FAT LOSS, not weight loss, is the only true way to get lean.  Why? Because you may get on the scale and think you have lost or gained weight but it could be that you lost healthy muscle or lost water weight.  Inches are the only real gage to help you determine if working with your GKCC, DNAC is working.  GKLS has educated your GKCC, DNAC on how to get your real results.  If you are looking for the quick, fast and unreliable claims that others make to help you in your quest then you really need to think about your overall well being.  You owe it to yourself to work with a GKCC, DNAC so they can help you to achieve “Diet Wellness for Life”. 



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