Sunday, April 19, 2015

Magnitone Lucid x Pixie Lott

So every night we clean our face from the makeup and grime thats accumulated over the day, right? Or at least we try to. But my face still breaks out ALL the time, and I find myself constantly sat wondering 'dude, I'm not a teenager anymore, why is this happening?' But really it's because my £1.50 face wipes from Boots just don't cut it. I'm pretty sure 80% of the population are lying when they say they cleanse, tone and moisturise every night, because lets face it, WHO CAN ACTUALLY BE BOTHERED? When my bed time rolls round and my eyes are feeling heavy, the last thing I can be bothered doing is that, let alone brushing my teeth, flossing and rinsing. I can safely say, the only time my skin gets a good old fashioned deep clean is in the shower when I use an exfoliating face wash, but it just isn't enough and that's the sad truth.

I recently stumbled across this Magnitone Lucid daily facial cleansing and exfoliation brush. AND IT DOES ALL THE WORK FOR YOU. No joke. You switch it on and the brush rotates and gently buffs your skin clean. It has two settings, one for daily cleanse and one for sensitive cleanse. You can tell the difference as the light is on for daily cleanse and off for sensitive. It has a timer of 20 seconds so you know how long to spend on each area (i.e forehead, chin etc) and turns off automatically after one minute. It's also fully waterproof so get it up and running in the bath or shower too!

When we received our Magnitone Lucid cleansing brushes, we noticed that we got the super cool pink Pixie Lott version. Love a good celebrity backing from time to time! It also comes with a 7 day promise which we also like! I did worry though because when reading the instructions, it did warn that for the first few days your skin is likely to get worse as it is uprooting all those nasty impurities that are lying there. GREAAAAAAT. However, I didn't really see anything get worse during my first few days. By the end of the 7 days, my skin is significantly clearer and my skin tone seems to have evened out a bit. I'm still having the occasional breakout (soz guys) in areas I'm not usually affected by (my problem area is normally my chin, ew) but I guess it should be expected as like I said earlier, it's bringing all the badness up to the surface, but it'll go in time and at least I know it's going rather than lying dormant right?

Overall, I can definitely see a significant difference, and it's so easy to use at night and in the shower.  I've even mastered the art or brushing my teeth with one hand and using this with my other - two birds, one stone and all that. My skin is like 95% clearer and it's getting better day by day. I've even lost some puffiness around my eyes! My main problem area is totally clear and I feel like my skin can breathe. HALLELUJAH.

Check it out here.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Iridescence Jewellery

We were lucky enough to meet Samantha, the woman behind the fantastic Iridescence jewellery brand. The brand started in Leicester and strive to produce new and exciting pieces taking inspiration from all different things, especially butterflies. The pieces are exceptionally high quality and you can tell it's a lasting, strong item. You can see a sample of some of the amazing products the brand offer below!

Karens eyes were instantly drawn to this gorgeous sunflower-esque necklace with it's amazing colouring. As well as matching her fave lipstick colour at the mo, it totes matches one of the rings she bought in Poland as well, so that's a win! The colours are deep and subtle enough to match with most outfits, and this bad boy is 100% the best statement necklace to have right now.

Samantha can clearly read her customers and understand their needs, as I was staring at all the beautiful things for ages and she picked out this angel wing beauty for me. It's plain and simple yet totally classic and works so well with anything that I wear. We all know I'm not known for wearing much colour and this classic necklace works with EVERYTHING I own. Seriously guys, there's something for everyone in Iridescence's range and I highly recommend you take a look.

You can read more about Iridescence here.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Roots & Rituals

So I'm sure you're all very aware that we here at GKlifestyle really appreciate natural products and recently, we received a very special gift from awesome hair care brand Roots & Rituals. We all know we're not shy to hair dye so it's safe to say we need the deepest nourishment we can get. Karishma, the brands director, very kindly gave us the nourishing conditioner alongside the Deep Conditioning Hair Oil to try. The best part is, both are natural products free of silicone, paraben and all the other 200 chemicals nobody can pronounce! The hair oil specifically contains coconut oil (LOVE), olive oil, avocado oil, almond oil and many many more great natural oils to help hydrate and nourish your hair. Karishma also very kindly gave us, wait for it, A HEATED HAIR TOWEL which is basically the be all and end all of good deep conditioning treatments. So we tried the product twice in one week to see what happened.

I've dyed my hair time and time again and it really began to show. I had the dead ends cut off recently which has really helped, but like most dyed hair, it was still dry and damaged. I ran a fair sized amount of oil through my hair from roots to end, then wrapped the towel around as shown in the instructions. It says to leave on for 30-40 minutes but as I have quite thick and damaged hair, I left it on for an hour. I then washed out with my usual shampoo and the Roots & Rituals conditioner. For one week, I opted against using heat on my hair other than the heated towel, so I avoided my hair dryer and straighteners (absolute NIGHTMARE). I continued washing my hair throughout the week with my usual shampoo and the Roots & Rituals conditioner, however I stayed clear of my usual styling products. (Just note, I don't wash my hair every day as it really doesn't need it and can be quite damaging). I thought this would give my hair the best chance of repair alongside the products I was trialling. The end of the week came and I thought I'd use the product again to really nourish it, so I repeated the entire process.

WOW. WOW. WOW. Just wow. I dried it with my hair dryer (after a week of not) and usually one side of my hair goes really wavy and quite frizzy (not nice waves though, boo!). But this time, I brushed my hair whilst drying it to help it dry as straight as possible and that was it basically done! I did have to do a quick 5 min run over with the straighteners but nothing like my standard procedure of sectioning it and it taking about 40 minutes. My hair felt so soft, sleek and genuinely super hydrated. It looked glossy and shiny (even the dead ends!) and SO many people asked if I'd been to the salon! I LOVE this product and will definitely continue using!

You can get your hands on some of this goodness by clicking here.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Girls Gone Wild: Warsaw

Okay maybe 'wild' is a bit of an exaggeration, but it caught your eye right? I'm pretty sure at some point we mentioned that one of our goals for this year was to get a little more cultured – and cultured we got. We decided that it was totally time for a little getaway so with that in mind, we booked some days off work and decided where to go. We rolled out a world map, closed our eyes, pointed and our destination was decided. Okay, so maybe we didn't do the latter but we did play a game of holiday roulette. We booked a 'mystery' getaway online with a choice of over 70 places, and found out later on we were headed to Warsaw, Poland!

The time had come to pack our bags, jump in an Uber and head to Stansted! We landed in Warsaw on the Thursday and knew we only had until the Sunday to cram in everything we wanted to do – two and a half days was definitely not enough time.

Once we landed, we got a bus transfer to Warsaw centre and located our hotel (Gromada Centrum). It was super cute and the staff were mega friendly, although the lift certainly took its time. We dumped our bags in our room, sat down for 10 minutes (travelling really takes it out of us) and decided what we should do. We ventured back out into Warsaw town and came across the Palace of Culture and Science (totes the tallest building in Poland). We wandered around for a bit and then found out you could go to the top for something like £3 – so of course, we did. The sites were incredible and you could see for miles! Taking panoramas with our phones was worrying though; didn't fancy dropping 'em did we?

After this, we headed over to the Hard Rock Cafe. Okay okay, we admit it's hardly seeing the sites of what Poland has to offer, but neither of us had been before so we thought we might as well! We ate some great food, had some delicious cocktails and revelled in the fact we were actually there. We noticed that we walked past a Kinoteka (Polish for cinema) on the way to the Hard Rock Cafe so of course, knowing how much we love the cinema, we decided to check it out! We got to watch What We Do in the Shadows which we wanted to see for AGES but never got round to it. Luckily for us, the film was in original sound with Polish subtitles, so understanding it was no issue!

After breakfast on Friday, we mapped out our day. (We took an A3 map and stuck stickers everywhere we wanted to go – organisation right there!). We started off with heading to the Jewish Cemetery which is right up our street! Some of the graves were beautifully crafted, and they ranged from super old to fairly recent. It was so intriguing to see the different styles of graves, right from gated communities (if you can call it that) to mausoleums. We got lost in there for a fair few hours in awe of it all and after finding our way out, we jumped in a taxi to our next location.

Pawiak Prison Museum was next on our hit list after the Jewish Cemetery, and whilst it wasn't as interesting as we'd hoped it would be, we're still glad we went. Most of the information was about inmates there and how they lived, but it was all in Polish so we didn't really understand much. The other half of the museum was kept like a prison with steel gates and cells meant for one person right up to cells that could house three people, complete with foldaway beds - so this was actually really interesting to see.

After the prison museum we headed over to Warsaw Zoo which had EVERY animal you could think of! Everything from owls to camels to elephants. Our favourites were the polar bears - they just looked so cute and cuddly! I think we ended up being there for about three hours, just staring at the lions, tigers and every other animal the zoo had to offer. We stumbled across a gift shop where Georgia bought a super cute tiger teddy and named him Henryk. Karen invested in some awesome lobster earrings (proceeded to name them Fish n Chips) and bought her friend some fox ones.

After here, we decided to head over to the Old Town to have a mooch and maybe find something to eat. We got totally sidetracked by all the gorgeous jewellery shops with some of the most amazing things we've ever seen in! Karen bought two rings that fit perfectly with her already awesome collection and Georgia bought one vintage silver signet ring finished with some intricate cut out detailing. We then got approached by someone in traditional Polish dress and advised us about his restaurant that served traditional Polish food. We were totally in! We ate some delish food and discovered the yumminess of pierogies. Not quite sure what the best way to describe them would be other than crispy dumpling like things filled with meat. Whatever, they were INSANE. A bottle of wine with the meal got us right in the mood to find out what Warsaw at night has to offer.

We headed back to the hotel, picked up a bottle of vodka for something ridiculously cheap, and got ready. We weren’t quite sure where we were going, but heard of a strip not too far from our hotel. We walked down and got various stamps and wristbands from loads of different places, but settled on one that was giving out free samples of Thierry Mugler 'Angel'. Drinks weren't too expensive and the music was okay - everyone seemed to love Icona Pop 'I Don't Care'. After here we decided to call it a night and headed back to the hotel.

We woke up feeling not so fresh but we weren't about to let that stop us. After breakfast we took a taxi down to Łazienki Park. It was just a big open park but was actually really beautiful with some gorgeous buildings. We ventured into Łazienki Palace which was free (result!) and had a mooch round. It was decorated so exquisitely and had similar features to that of Horace Walpole's gothic castle. After wandering around for a bit, we decided to find our way out. On our way we came across a cute cafe where we had some more pierogies and tried something called zapiekanka – another traditional Polish dish! It's just a halved baguette with grilled mushrooms and cheese topped with ketchup but it was so yummy! We spent a while trying to locate a taxi but whilst we were looking we came across some awesome graffiti. We can totally see how people say it's art and not vandalism – some of it was incredible!

We then decided to try out the Copernicus Science Centre, but when we got there the queue was so long we decided to bail. Karen had previously seen a cool trainer shop so we decided to check that out instead and grab a coffee. After this, we headed back to near our hotel and had a mooch at some clothes stores; Mohito and Reserved were our personal faves.

Finally, as our last activity in Warsaw, we decided to try out the wonder of 4DX cinema at Cinema City (a cinema chain). Although we went to the world premiere of Kingsman: The Secret Service, it was one of the only films being shown in 4DX and we loved it so much we thought we might as well! It was actually a crazy awesome experience and think films like Jurassic World will be intense in it, but being hungover probably wasn't the best choice. I did kind of feel like sickness wrist bands might've been a good idea. It really did help set the scene though, cold air hits you when its meant to, water puffs in your face for effect – all in all it's such an amazing experience and would definitely recommend you watch your next film in it.

So Sunday could only mean one thing – home time. We were super sad to leave Warsaw but honestly, it was such an incredible experience and we wouldn't have changed a thing, except maybe having longer time there! Everyone was so nice and made us feel really welcome. It's definitely given us the travel bug, so keep an eye out and hopefully it won't be too long until our next overseas adventure.

Friday, March 20, 2015

The Sweetest Haircare for Curls: Boucleme

I think every girl out there who has a curly-top has, over her life-time, become frustrated with their uncontrollable nature. I might have just found the cure…

Today, I’m here to talk to all of y’all about my FAV new products: Boucléme. This new range launched for people with wavy/curly hair and I thought, ‘I gotta try this!’ Not only are they full to the brim of beauty goodness like aloe vera, argan oil, virgin coconut oil (personal love) and honey, they actually encourage hair growth. Good for a silly girl like me who dyes her hair WAY too much.

The collection which is made up of a trio of goodies (curl cleanser, curl conditioner and curl defining gel) was brought to life by founder Michele Scott-Lynch – who, can I just add, is a babe! After having this massive interest in trailing the products, Michele got in contact and gave me a hair prescription; think every girl ever needs one of these.

From asking a few simple questions about the relationship I have with my hair, Michele gave me in-depth advice on how to bring my hair back to life. She talked me through how to use all the Boucléme products and even shed some expertise on the best approach for dying my hair in the future.

My big aim was: I was born with wild and free curly hair. With years of peroxide in my past, my curls had fallen into limp waves. I was looking for a product to revitalise my hair and help bring back the natural bounce…..

Guys, I feel like I’ve been touched by Athena – it worked! From just two weeks of throwing out my usual shampoos/ conditioners/ hair masks/ gels/ mousses and really giving the product full reign on my hair, I cannot really express how happy I am that bounce is returning to my hair – and, just in time for summer.
I add in GHD-done curls at the ends for extra glamour, but the volume is all Boucléme's work ;)
The curl defining gel has to be my no1 product at the moment, I regularly get asked what I use on my hair for a) appearance and b) smell. The gel literally smells incredible.

So, one last thing to say - GET BUYING!

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Lil' Spice

The chosen lipshade of the mo' comes from MAC (where else?!).

The lip-liner in shade, 'Spice', with a super thin amount of 'So Chaud' blotted on top creates a nice brown/orange colour; best for a day-time look. 

Also super obsessed with Lipcote; slather on top and you'll feel a light burn (weirdly enjoyable) and it keeps the smackers perfecto for hours.

I had my hair did at a new salon, and wasn't uber happy with the result. I got highlights, but they went a kinda' copper colour I wasn't really feeling.

So, out my huge drawer of hair products I pulled out a tub of Bleach hair dye in shade 'Rose'. It went this super-cute colour which matched my fav lip colour - RESULT!

The blush I'm wearing (also matching my lips, but a more pale version) is a mix of 'Hoola' bronzer by Benefit and 'Haute Pink' blusher by Revlon. Hoola is a bit on the hefty side price wise, but it lasts for AGES and gives amazing results.

Final thing to comment on is the fedora hat... I had been in search of the perfect one for what seemed like 35,000 years and came across this beaut' at Ascot. Its by Mu Du and its fab quality - totally wearable and totally my bestestest hat atm.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Strawberry Hill House Twilight Tour Preview

We were the luckiest gals to have the opportunity to take the twilight tour of Horace Walpole’s gothic castle in Strawberry Hill. We attended last night before the press release tour taking place today – feelin’ pretty kwllll.

We learned a shed-load about the incredible history of Strawberry Hill House, about Horace Walpole himself and walked the reimagined hallways with sacks of stories hidden in the walls. This house is in fact what the 'first' gothic novel The Castle of Otranto is based on.

Our fav part was when the tour-guide showed us the replica of a statue that sat in Horace’s grand entrance. He called it ‘his saint’ even though the back of the statue had indentations telling historians that it was in fact an angel. Horace wasn’t actually a religious man, but he was infatuated by the idea of it; he and his friends would dress as monks and walk the estate with candles – gr8 story, sounds like something we would do!
Another cool as hell story was that a specialist recreated the actual paint used on the walls. The blue colour in one of our pics was made by storing copper underground for several months and mixing with resin, rabbit skin (ew) and other bits'n'bobs and had to be applied to the walls whilst hot - it took 6 coats to recreate the bedroom walls, and the paint cost a whoppin' £300 quid a litre, eat your heart out Dior.

We saw painted glass that dates back to 1503, we drank prosecco (yum), played with our new Fujifilm polaroid cameras and in turn discovered that we have a long way to go before 1) mastering the perfect polaroid shot (we certainly wasted a few, and damn the film is expen£ive) and 2) before we can afford a castle like this – we keep dreaming.

We have been invited back to visit the ridiculously photogenic house (so many photo ops) on more sunny day to see the magic of the painted glass reflecting on the interiors. So right now, we advise giving the house a visit and if you’re too far away, just read some stuff on Horace Walpole – he was a frickin’ cool dude!
P.S. Gothicism is our favourite cup'a'tea
P.P.S You should be seeing GKlife style begin to get more of a life these days - with an increased interest in becoming culturally wholesome and blogging princesses.