Thursday, February 26, 2015

Strawberry Hill House Twilight Tour Preview

We were the luckiest gals to have the opportunity to take the twilight tour of Horace Walpole’s gothic castle in Strawberry Hill. We attended last night before the press release tour taking place today – feelin’ pretty kwllll.

We learned a shed-load about the incredible history of Strawberry Hill House, about Horace Walpole himself and walked the reimagined hallways with sacks of stories hidden in the walls. This house is in fact what the 'first' gothic novel The Castle of Otranto is based on.

Our fav part was when the tour-guide showed us the replica of a statue that sat in Horace’s grand entrance. He called it ‘his saint’ even though the back of the statue had indentations telling historians that it was in fact an angel. Horace wasn’t actually a religious man, but he was infatuated by the idea of it; he and his friends would dress as monks and walk the estate with candles – gr8 story, sounds like something we would do!
Another cool as hell story was that a specialist recreated the actual paint used on the walls. The blue colour in one of our pics was made by storing copper underground for several months and mixing with resin, rabbit skin (ew) and other bits'n'bobs and had to be applied to the walls whilst hot - it took 6 coats to recreate the bedroom walls, and the paint cost a whoppin' £300 quid a litre, eat your heart out Dior.

We saw painted glass that dates back to 1503, we drank prosecco (yum), played with our new Fujifilm polaroid cameras and in turn discovered that we have a long way to go before 1) mastering the perfect polaroid shot (we certainly wasted a few, and damn the film is expen£ive) and 2) before we can afford a castle like this – we keep dreaming.

We have been invited back to visit the ridiculously photogenic house (so many photo ops) on more sunny day to see the magic of the painted glass reflecting on the interiors. So right now, we advise giving the house a visit and if you’re too far away, just read some stuff on Horace Walpole – he was a frickin’ cool dude!
P.S. Gothicism is our favourite cup'a'tea
P.P.S You should be seeing GKlife style begin to get more of a life these days - with an increased interest in becoming culturally wholesome and blogging princesses.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

London Fashion Week Picks – AW15


The emerald green shade which featured in a number of the looks in Pavane’s Autumn/Winter 2015 was worthy of Loki’s Enchantress (so blates loved it). The wool coats took us back to 1950’s military days - think Testament of Youth costume design. Not sold on the yellow heels which popped up, not hot to trot, but the collection as a whole was an array of pleating, fringing, dazzling garmentry that we would like to slink ourselves into.

The music was super-basey, spacy-electronic with sporadic swearing – ‘Stay the f*uck out of my way’.
Okay so, we were totally digging the ultra-bouncy 1920’s roller-waves; errrrrr teach us how to master that plz. There was also this bohemian mermaid kinda vibe going on (yeah, sounds cool right?). Some of the dresses had super detailed mini-scale-like panels with beading and embroidery detail –see Vogue’s pic.
A load of see-through panelling in nude/skin tones featured – not a massive fan and being the totes honest gals we are, just got to comment quickly that if some of the dresses with the skinny-cut-outs looked unflattering on the size 0-6 models, what would it be like on us? Reminder why we aren’t/ will never be mod-elles. There were also a few slips and some super-slow-walkers on the catwalk – is that still awks these days?
The music was an almost 50’s-wartime-trumpet-tune mixed into an electro-dub track – pretty impressive [we feel a 50’s military trend coming… do you?!] it melted into a Misstress Barbara remix of Leonard Cohens ‘Dance Me To The End Of Love’ – getting downloaded like now.
We fancied the knee-high booties that collab’d with many of the dresses, the boobs that featured on many of the models chests and the finale ‘enchantment gown’ worn by Isil Recber (tv presenter or something) – p.s. she got some heads turning with her big boobs and 90’s arm-band tattoo, oh fashion-bitches not every model gracing LFW has to be a size zer0 clone.
The models in this show gave us a right smile; it took us back to the original Victoria Secret models: boobs and butts. Hurrah!
The notes we scribbled down during the presentation amount to this: ‘hot evil witch in a forest of secrets’ and ‘21st century wicked Disney QUEEN’ and ‘spider-webby graffiti princess’ and  ‘versus a new innocence’ and ‘the fairy godmother/ good witch sparkle’. Boom! We were clearly head-over-heels for this collection.
                                                                The music was an arrangement of  twinkly electro sparkly tunes.
Here's some super art-house vids of the shows, taken by us (obvs gona be future directors - loljk!)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fifty Shades of Grey UK Premiere

We were lucky enough to attend the UK Premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey. In attendance were Dakota Johnson, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (so many Johnson’s for a film about … johnsons – cheeky!), Jamie Dornan and the author, E.L. James.

Edith Bowman presented the evening, with short interviews with the director, cast and author which was live streamed into the cinema and online. We got some Lindt choccies and bottled water (not that the 1679 seats in ODEON Leicester Square needed wetting any more… soz). The pure atmosphere of the largest cinema auditorium in the country being packed out, was certainly a factor that contributed to our enjoyment of the film… which, BTW was so flippin cringe-worthy.

The lip-biting, the dodgy American/Irish accent, the gasps, the pubic hair, the romanticism and the DEFOS-not-enough-BDSM are all reasons the reviews of Fifty Shades of Grey are pretty much in the shitter. But, for us, two young-n-free gals, it was a great night out.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

February Film Favourites

Firsty, happy valentines day to all you internet-surfing-blog-reading babes. Today we find ourselves off for some beauty appointments (new highlighted hair on its way) and then a long date night with Palo Alto, Map To The Stars and Dracula Untold - when John Lennon sang 'All you need is love', he was 100% talking about movies. The one true love of GKlifestyle. 
So, in honour of not only our multiple boyfriends (cinema/Sky Movies/ DVDs/ Netflix) but, the awards season too, us film fanatics would like to point out the movies that are unmissable this month:

Inherent Vice has already solidified itself on our top-films-o’-the-year list. Being completely wacko jacko, in more than one sense, the key to the enjoyment of this film, is NOT to try to follow it. Let your eyes be dazzled by the retro LA sights, let your ears absorb the seventies slag – watch out for Doc exclaiming, ‘Fucking Zoinks!’, certainly one of our highlights – and, let your mind be well and truly fucked!

Rating: Rad.

Jupiter Ascending – IMAX 3D if possible. As the rumours go, this flick was pushed back as the original make was so terrible, it needed rewriting/filming – so awks. Best part, in our opinion, is that this film is still so effin’ looney-bin we were left wondering what on earth the film was like pre-remake. If you’re into the ‘so-bad-its-good’ film genre, this is not to be missed. The one thing they did get right was the CGI, it’s a pretty… pretty film.

Rating: *Upon leaving the theatre* I’m not even sure what just happened.
The Interview – so, we haven’t actually managed to catch this film (what with being working gals and all that) but, from all the controversy it caused over in the States, it’s certainly on our hit-list *no pun intended ;). From reviews, it’s been slated, but don’t expect too much from the famous pair of aging stoners, and we’re pretty sure it’ll be a watchable watch.
Rating: still gota view and review.


Fifty Shades of Grey; highly anticipated. Having just attended the premiere for this film at ODEON Leicester Square, we aren’t sure whether we were consumed by the atmosphere, or fancied Mr. Grey a lil’ too much, but the film was overall pretty satisfying. The prediction for the increased sales of rope and chains from B&Q isn’t far off  point – we might even take ourselves to the DIY store for some supplies *cough*.
Rating: Don’t watch with the parents.
Cake - nope, not the edible type. So, this movie is not out on UK release yet, but from the trailer, it’s certainly got our attention. We are freekin’ excited to see Jen Aniston doing something other than playing the sprite bimbo. Her acting talent seems to be so legit in this movie, and we cannot wait for the release date: 20.02.15.
Rating: Can’t wait to bite!


Others to look for, but potentially will end up being future Sky Movies watches: Selma, The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Project Almanac, It Follows, Blackhat (we actually love the hacker-sphere so naturally will be catching it in-cinema) and The Boy Next Door (we are attending a press screening next week, so will report the findings). 

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Now this is a story all about how... a make-up sponge can blow your mind (soz about that guys, when Will Smith wants to be let loose, you let him loose). Anywayyyy, we are actually here to tell all'a'ya'll about how you can have it FOUR ways!

This super cute, super swaggy - yeah we went there - device (?) is actually a make-up brush that is a four-in-one. The intelligently designed (must have been by a female - girl POWER!) sponge is easy to use, and even re-usable (just pop in the wash). 

But, how is it four-in-one? I hear you ask. Well, it can be used for liquid, cream and mineral-based make-up AND wet-dry powders... BOOM! Now there is no more need to carry them four MAC make-up brushes round: don't throw them away though, they were £20+ each, remember? On that note, this Nanshy sponge is only £5.95 - redonk!

Some more quick facts: latex free (stop thinking of condoms, you dirty devils), non allergenic and odour free. If this was a baseball, it would be a whole-in-one. 

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Why Nail Polish Is The Best Present

From recent events, both the G and the K have come to realise that nail polish is simply the best present. From being inexpensive to personalisation, it is now our go-to gift for any occasion (for the girlfriends, of course).

When G excelled at work (Marketing Exec for a luxury jewellery group) her Girl-Bosses thought to thank her with a super chic Chanel nail polish - and what a treat it was. Given in the shade Rouge Noir, it was clear the gift-givers had really put that extra thought into what the personal style of G is. She's worn it every day for a month. Wouldn't you too?

In more recent days, K celebrated the newly-founded milestone birthday, 22 (thanks T-swizzle), G thought to gift a personalised Nails Inc. polish... in Loki green, obviously. Take a look at this cool-as-hell bottle, the big monogrammed 'K', the 'bestie' label, and the name 'nailkale' (shout out to everyone on a health kick which has a diet full of Kale at the moment, like mwah).

So, heres a lil' Buzzfeed style list'o benefits of polish pressies:

1) Nail polish, when looked after correctly, can last a long time. This means months of applications, and months of appreciations.

2) The price is right; you may think £26.00 for a Tom Ford nail lacquer is on the hefty side, but realistically, when it lasts 260 days, thats quite a bargain. Plus, think of the BFF's face when she sees
you got her designer goods for her graduation (or such).

3) From the aforementioned point, we aren't even going to delve too deep into the (mostly free) designer gift wrapping - oh, the gift wrapping *consumerism-swoon*. A pocket sized treasure all packaged up in YSL tissue paper, no need to splurge on the Paperchase glitter wrap anymore.

4) Personalise the polish. From the bae's over at Nail Inc - personal fav - you can pick the colour, the cap (glitter, gems, gold, silver), the gift box, little stickers, and even write a note. We can tell you that variety got us a little over excited, but what says thoughtful more than a start-to-finish planned pressie? In an additional note, the Nail Inc. team are fab, and are super approachable with any questions or queries.

5) The wide variety of colours, textures, brands and bundles make nail polish the most adaptable present of all. Match the nail shade with your sisters signature lipstick, the colour of her bedroom walls, or even her new birthday dress and you're sure to be the favourite sibling (not that she'd ever choose ;)...)

So, are you convinced?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

I love… I love

Hey guys,

So, my pick of the week has to be I Love Cosmetics. The ridiculously good price points, addictive smells and cute, girly design are some of the many reasons these products should be on everyones shopping list.

My personal favourite is the strawberries and cream hand cream, smells so divine and makes my hands feel amazing - especially perfect with the cold weather damaging my skin.