Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What I Wore: Cinema (of course)

For a day of endless fun, I went to check out Now You See Me and The Bling Ring with my brother and best friend. Firstly, I need to say just how incredible Now You See Me actually is- Jesse Eisenberg and Dave Franco together, lord alive! I also have a confession: I went to see it for the second time the day later, I'm sure a third is coming) 
My next opinion is, it is cuuuurazay how much The Bling Ring makes you want to do something illegal- imagine all those designer bags you could have, *sigh*. Anyway, this is what I wore:

Bowler Hat: Topshop/ Dress: Vintage/ Leather Gilet: Topshop/ Mesh Backpack: Monki/ Neon Green Watch: Toy Watch/ Converse: All Star Converse via Topshop

Here is a look at my personal Bling Rings (and bracelets): Rose Gold Mid Ring: Regal Rose/ Silver Rings: Vintage/ Burnt Orange Bracelet: 23 Jewellery/ Comb Bracelet: Diesel/ Nail Varnish: Nail Girls London

Have you seen any good films recently?



  1. Oooh, I really want to see The Bling Ring, however it hasn't started playing where I live yet. You look great though, and I love your hair! x

  2. I adore your jewelry choices! And I just recently saw One Day with Anne Hathaway and that is just such a simply perfect movie!



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